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  • Achroma.Tools Achrom Pixies Giveaway

    Achroma.Tools Achrom Pixies Giveaway

    To celebrate the start of the Spirata Season Achrometer Event we are running a giveaway for a copy of “Unlimited Achroma Palette: Fallen Stone Pixies” all you need to do to enter is play for the side of Achrom and get -10 total score on the Achrometer for the season – Determined by Chroma Wins…

  • Drakes for Achrom – Bringing the Achrometer down

    Drakes for Achrom – Bringing the Achrometer down

    The fate of Draco Planum is being decided and I’m fighting for Achrom because who doesn’t want more Drakes and cool Black Dragons? Below you can see the Achrometer (click Season for the current season) to see where it currently lies You can play with any deck during the Season and it still counts towards…