Hero Abilities

Curse of Curdle Hill

Photo Name Effect
Delilah Crocket Character on your canvas with Protection gain +1
Cara Curdle Cards on your canvas with no achrom gain protection from actions.
Arabella von Ruthro You can deploy an additional card in your turn.
Chief Detective Cronas All Magus Elite characters have prevent 1.
Detecetive Huxon When you deploy a Magus Elite character draw a card.
Countess Issadora Curdle Copy or cancel another player’s hero ability until your next turn.
Claus von Ruthro +1 for each location on your canvas
Conjurer Otrix Once per turn when an occultist would be erased return it to your hand instead.
Sorcerer Pifarius When you deploy an occultist character draw a card
Jarvis Tremma Objects of power on your canvas gain +1
Detective Vraxea When a character is erased from your canvas draw a card.
Hex Clunker Your hero palette can contain objects of power from any realm. You may deploy objects of power from any realm.

Seige of Draco Temple

Photo Name Effect
Nue Each turn choose a character to have protection for this turn.
Darnacusk Dragon characters in your hand cost 1 less shard to deploy.
Ignis Once per turn deal 1 shard damage to a card on any canvas.
Materno Gain +1 for each character on your canvas with a shard value 2 or less.
The Lost Fairies Once per turn you may pay 2 shards to dig for an Action
Tengri At the start of your turn you may choose a card type. Until your next turn cards of that type cost 2 more.
Tenebris Each dragon character on your canvas in a drake character in addition to its original type.
Umbra Aqueous Drake characters in your hand cost 1 less shard to deploy.
Umbra Igneus Once per turn choose a character. When that character attacks, erase a location.
Vortigen Once per turn when deploying cards you may sacrifice instead of paying shards.
Elders During your draw/trade steps you may RESEARCH 1.

Fall of Flutterby

Photo Name Effect
Copper Joss Choose a character. Until your next turn they can’t be attacked.
King Craven Tratorius Choose a card. Until your next turn it doesn’t GAIN, DRAIN, STEAL OR PREVENT.
Dove Tail If you splat a card on your canvas other than yours draw a card.
Dr. Cornelius Hue When resolving choose a colour. Cards with any of that colour gain +1.
Mrs. Potts When you dig for a fairy if it cost 2 shards or less deploy it straight to the canvas.
Sorrono Once per turn swap a character on your canvas with a character on another canvas that has a lower shard value.
Spiral Tratorius All fairy cards are also pixies and all pixie cards are also fairies.
Sprat Marail During your start step you may draw and trade.
Wincey Rustwhether When you deploy a fairy card draw a card.
Guardians All characters on your canvas have defend.
Carmella Tratorius Once each turn you may pay 3 shards to erase an object of power or a location.
Morag If you squish a card on a canvas other than yours draw a card.

Warriors of Wishwell

Photo Name Effect
Astrid When you deploy a Lacringi card draw a card
Eirik Objects of power on your canvas have +1 strength
Brynhild Whenever a character attacks gain +1
Gisle Gain +1 for each Lacringi Troll on your canvas
Gunnar When you deplot a Brisgavi card draw a card
Knut When you trade gain +1
Leif Once per turn FIND a location with shard value 3 or less
Magnus Once in your turn you may pay 3 shards and DIG for a character
Siv All Characters on your Canvas have SHIELDWALL 1
Snorre Once during your turn you may deal X damage to a card on any Canvas. X = the number of Samr trolls on your Canvas
Soveig Drain -1 for each Samr Troll on your canvas
Torstein All Trolls on your canvas have protection during your turn
Norso Totem Once each turn you may swap a card in your hand with a random card in another player’s hand.

Realm Runners

Photo Name Effect
Dexter Each non-Dragon character is a Dragon in addition to it’s original type
Haruto Gain +1 each time you draw a card
Mutans Once per turn each player may pay 2 shards to draw a card
Hissano In your Resolve Step each player must draw a card then Discard a card
Hod Whenever you look at a card in another player’s hand or Palette gain +1 and draw a card
Phisto Whenever a Card is erased from any Canvas gain +1
Niimi In your Resolve step the Player with the least shards in their back steals 2 from the player with the most
Ray Gain +1 for each Red card on your Canvas
Yana Once each turn Choose a shard colour. Gain +X where X= the number of shards of the chosen colour on your canvas.

Curdle Cove

Photo Name Effect
Apollo Each time any player deploys an ACTION draw a card
Asa Each time any player deploys an ACTION you gain +1
Captain Cassius +1 for each card with DIVERT on your Canvas
Bootstrap Benji Once per turn you may place an Onject from any players Dregs as a SECRET under any location on your Canvas
Lord Eldritch Willard Whenever you reveal a SECRET +/- 2
Eldoris of Culuda +1 for each CURSED card on your Canvas
Ezili Algae Each time a CURSED character is erased -1
Kelby Knotner, First Mate Each time a Veil Chasher card is desployed, draw a card
Alana Opel +2 for each location with any Blue Shards
Hinkley The Navigator Locations cost 1 less while in your hand
Pearl of Culuda Once per turn, CURSE a card
Soloman Rift Each time you deploy a Freefolk of Luxmorn card, draw a card
Otrix Siren All Sea Witches are Occulists also and all Occulists are Sea Witches also
Veil Chaser Once per turn give a Location DIVERT