Drakes for Achrom – Bringing the Achrometer down

The fate of Draco Planum is being decided and I’m fighting for Achrom because who doesn’t want more Drakes and cool Black Dragons?

Below you can see the Achrometer (click Season for the current season) to see where it currently lies

You can play with any deck during the Season and it still counts towards to meter but I thought it would be fitting to build my first Draco Palette.

Draco Graveyard with Peorth is an insanely fun and stupid combo I hadn’t considered before, being able to discard both cards you draw each turn to replay Peorth is very powerful and if you get to that point you’ll either have won or get hated off the table, but that’s not all it’s good for, returning Breath of Fire, Cintimani Stone and Tenebris are all very good to return as well.

The deck has decent gain with Ruber Draco, Prism Stone and Monastery Nest to allow you to keep playing cards as well as lots of Steal to keep your opponents and take them out of the game. So lets get into each card.

Tenebris – 3 Steal and Erase any Character or Location what’s not to love? In a pickle it also trades for 6 which will hopefully allow you to recover.

Peorth – It wouldn’t be an Achrom Deck without Peorth, you can a free card and a massive amount of drain. It’s a great target for Cintimani and Draco Graveyard and if you play it more than 4 times I want you to tell me about it.

Cintimani Stone – I’ve gone on record many times with this card, it’s the best card ever printed, should be in every deck.

Umbra Igneus – This slot could be messed with, personally I felt that Umbra was the best rare Drake to put here but you could switch it out for another rare if you want to experiment

Corrupted Portal – Solid location, steal 2 and the ability to pay to draw more cards.

Impius Drake – Probably the best Drake, can be really mean in early turns when your opponent doesn’t have much choice on what to erase.

Malum Drake – It’s a Drake Deck, it says Drake, we play it

Mortius Drake – See above

Ruber Draco – Every good Achrom deck has some gain and Ruber is good gain, worst case it pays for itself the turn you play it.

Prism Stone – What better than gain that pays for itself? Gain that gives you more shards than you paid for it, and it helps to buff a Character so it’s like likely to be picked off.

Breath of Fire – One of the best removal cards in Achroma, giving great value getting rid of at least 2 cards for 1 any Draco deck isn’t complete without this.

Breath of Ice – More removal is normally a good thing and locations can be pretty troublesome at times (looking at you Clunker)

HAIM Shard Cache – Good trade fodder, a finisher and a good stone target.

Draco Promo – Solid steal 2 location and good trade value but if you are missing these you can swap for Monastery Underside as they are still useful especially in multiplayer games.

Draco Graveyard – Return Peorth, Cintimani Stone, Breath of Fire whatever takes your fancy.

Monastery Nest – Gain that pays for itself on turn 1

Achrom Haven – We’re a Drake deck so it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include this, worst case it’s 4 trade.

Great Cloister – This draws you a card and has a small amount of steal which often isn’t worth removing letting you slowly steal them down over time.

There’s still a few changes that could be made, I think more card draw would be good and might switch out the Cloisters for Libraries to get more card draw, sacrificing the steal and maybe a sprinkling of some of the newer cards from the Expansion we don’t have.

If you want to build this deck you’ll need the following

A complete set of Draco, Mutans (for Peorth) and Phisto (for Cintimani Stone), if you are missing any of these you can use the links below to pick them up and don’t forget to use the code AchromaTools for 10% off at checkout. Also while stocks last all orders of £30 or more will get a Draco Summer promo card and that’s £30 before discount!

Mutans – https://shop.achroma.cards/i52qyw

Phisto – https://shop.achroma.cards/ewfhex

That’s all for now, see you next time