What happened at the Siege of Draco Temple?

Last night we got a reveal of the packaging for The Last Snow Dragon of Altari and along with it a new card and some lore.

The ice plains of Altari are melting as veins of hot Achrom spread through the enormous floating islands. Peace is in jeopardy after the fall of Draco Temple brings the fight to this once tranquil place.

The creatures of Altari are growing in strength as they’re exposed to the Achrom and Chroma revealed as the ice melts. Embracing both, they fight bravely for their very existence.

Tired of living under the Snivari with their outdated ways, the Tumultus tribe are breaking free, drilling for Achrom and forging new paths in the snow.

The art are the oldest and must humble of tribes that watch over precious Dragon eggs. With forces against them, these feline warriors must fulfil an ancient promise to protect the last Snow Dragons of Altari.

Draco Temple has fallen, and I’m assuming in both meanings of the word. Did it crash into the ground causing devastation? Who Survived? What happened to the portal? We still have many questions unanswered but what we know for sure if that things did not end well for the Dragons and the Monks.

Asa decks have been looking pretty strong lately and this legend is looking to put them in their place, preventing all Action Cards from being played. Against any other decks it will make removing your characters even harder, a lot of decks rely on actions for removal or even getting cards into play. Stopping rune plays like Peorth for large steal or Soloman’s Influence for decks that want to find that one character. This is certainly one that could shake things up a bit and best of all it doesn’t even affect your own actions.

Boommarshka is uniting the Dragons and protecting those fleeing the fallen temple in Arcus Via.

I’m expecting to see a few more dragons for this set yet and that entry would suggest that at least a few people survived after the temple fell so perhaps we will see some other returning characters like we did with Otrix in Curdle Cove

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