The Last Snow Dragons of Altari Spoilers and Deck

On Sunday night’s stream we got a sneak peeks of some on the new cards which you can see in the banner above and we now have full details of the two new mechanics


Once per turn you may choose a Character on another players Canvas to HUNT.
If both the target Character and the card that initiated the HUNT are both still on the Canvas at the start of your next turn, resolve the HUNT effect.

So with the card Dark Hunter you can Hunt your opponents Ray which famously can’t be attacked. If both Ray and Dark hunter are still on the Canvas at the start of your next turn Ray is erased. Seems like a pretty useful ability and you can HUNT once per turn as it’s not an ACTION so can prove to be pretty powerful if your HUNT cards are not removed


Choose a card to become FROZEN until your next turn

That card cannot resolve while it is FROZEN

Ice cannon can freeze any card once per turn, sure it’s an easy to remove object but I would pay this for an action in some scenarios so getting the chance to maybe do this more than once is super valuable. I can see Freeze being using a lot in Achrom Decks, making an opponent unable to resolve their best cards can easily turn the tide of battle.

Note : Freeze only affects resolve, if you freeze a Copper Joss it still gets to splat something else. If you freeze Issadora they will lose both the natural steal and the steal per character.

So we’ve seen all the cards, how do think they will play in a deck? Well lets take my Achrom Drakes deck from my previous article and add some of the new cards into it.

We’ve chosen Kocora Bri as our legend over Tenebris, they both have that steal 3 but is even more of a threat with that delayed action. Erases all characters on all other canvases is going to be brutal and your opponent might just have to throw several good characters at him so they don’t lose everything. You lose Teneris’ immediate erasure of your choice but it will be interesting to see how this plays.

Next we’ve gone with Harusk, this card is INSANE for achrom decks, preventing your opponents resolve for an entire turn is crazy strong and can easily swing the battle in your favour. We’ve also got Materno’s Egg to find the Harusk as it’s our only Dragon and you can DISPOSE it to play Harusk for Free, not only that but you can do this in your opponents turn so you can also FREEZE stuff they play that turn! Bonkers. There’s also a single Draco Tear to dig but this might change as we already have 2 graveyards.

We have a 2-2 line of Dark Hunter and Ice Cannon to experiment with, I think Dark Hunter might struggle without protection but at the same time you are forcing an attack or removal card from your opponent. Playing Dark Hunter and choosing their legendary they then have to remove the hunter maybe using an attack that would otherwise taken out something else you wanted to keep. Ice cannon is just a good card, even one freeze on a key target such as Issadora, Huxon, Vast Volataris can swing the game in your favour and if you put it on something big they might have to lose something key to get rid of it as well.

So overall these two new mechanics look to be fun an interesting and I look forward to seeing what other new cards I can put in my Achrom Decks.

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