Snowball Fight

The latest set ‘The Snow Dragons of Altari’ has released and after some playing at the weekend here’s a first run at a Achrom Freeze Deck. (P.s our deck builder is now updated with all the new cards)

The premise of this deck is pretty simple, freeze their stuff so they can’t resolve and drain them to death with the normal slate of draco cards and a lot of new additions. Materno’s Egg is devasting to your opponent – it’s only able to find Harusk and allows you to play it for free during your opponents turn. So not only can they not resolve the stuff they had but also the stuff they played that turn, just be careful there’s no reaction window when they move to resolve so you need to time it well. It’s better for them to 1 or 2 things unfrozen than nothing frozen at all.

Let’s break down the deck – remember the format is new and we still working out the best cards so things will change.

Mist Morgana – This card is interesting so I wanted to play it to see how it works. So far it’s been mediocre but I’ll give it some more play. Achrom Breach might just be better.

Fibron – What’s better than Freezing cards? Just removing them completely, pair this with Harusk and you wipe everyone else’s cards. This card is S tier in freeze decks and Steal 2 is the icing on top.

Cintimani Stone – It’s Cintimani Stone, I don’t need to say more

Peorth – It’s Peorth, I don’t need to say more

Harusk – This card is just too good freeze everything for an effective 1 cost, that’s going to be hard to come back from.

Impius Drake – Even now this is still a top tier card

Gritfell Drake – Not as good as Impius but still pretty good, and card draw is never bad.

Danra Drake – A slightly cheaper Mortius Drake is gonna help get that quick drain down

Jewna Hare – Effectively a free freeze I rate this card pretty highly

Materno’s Egg – This can only find Harusk so we have effectively 3 Harusk in the deck and it allows us to play for free as a reaction. You’re going to win a few games thanks to this combo and once it’s used trade for 3 isn’t bad.

Ice Cannon – This card is great, if it was an action for 1 cost I might play it but getting the chance to do it on multiple turns is too good to turn down.

Monastery Nest – This card is still just great gain

Tarni River – 2 cost for steal 1 is already pretty good but again a freeze on top, love this.

Wolfgang Woods – This card is a likely cut in the next version of this deck. I think we have enough control and it’s rarely been useful.

Draco Graveyard – We want our good cards back when they are gone and some drain – always good.

The Valli Caves – This card is great value, only one less gain than a Monastery Nest you get to freeze each turn and it’s not Heroic, we love it.

Breath of Fire – Still the best control card in Draco

The Quake – I’m trying to make this card work but it feels like it’s a likely cut.

So we have a few cards that aren’t looking great, what are we going to turn them into?

Shard Cache is just good in all decks, we can burst some steal or trade for high gains.

Crucial Discovery could work, I think it might be too slow but we have a lot of good objects

Draco’s Tear is useful for getting your big characters back

Kocora’s Achrom Crater is just another steal 1 location, never a bad thing

Finally the promo card, it’s rare for me not to put a promo location in a deck but it didn’t make the cut on the first draft, maybe that needs to change.

Let me know how you would change the deck and show me new creations.

I have some chroma deck ideas planned but not until this seasons event ends.

Don’t forget if you want to order Snow Dragons of Altari use the code AchromaTools for 10% off