Losing all your friends with Hissano

Have you ever felt that you have too many friends? Do you wish more people collectively groaned when they saw what deck you were playing? If so then I have the deck for you.

At first glance it doesn’t look much but do you know what’s more fun than playing Hissano? Playing Hissano so many times that everyone has no cards left in their hand, in their Palette or on their Canvas.

The basic premise of the deck is get Hissano out and keep using Revival, Otrix’s Conjuring and Cintimani Stone to keep replaying her making sure no one can keep anything and you keep cycling your hand. You should only draw if you have no way to play Hissano that turn otherwise you should be trading to keep your shards up and making sure you don’t deck out before your opponents.

We have 5 ways to get Hissano into play for the first time, Isaz and Kaunan can only reveal Soloman’s Influence and Soloman’s Influence can only reveal Hissano. Everything else is either an Action, Object or Location so let’s break it all down.

Hissano – Play her as often as possible to upset everyone.

Murky Manor – Mainly trade fodder but can be useful in a pinch to try and find Cintimani Stone or Otrix Conjuring or once everything has been erased is also a Win-Con.

Cintimani Stone – Replays Hissano – You’ll need to play this on an opponent’s character but they won’t have it for very long anyway.

Isaz/Kaunan – To play Soloman’s Influence to play Hissano.

Soloman’s Influence – Finds Hissano for you. Unfortunately they will get to do their Reveal AFTER Hissano erases all cards but that’s fine you can just replay her next turn.

Revival/Otrix’s Conjuring – Replays Hissano.

Salum Spring/HAIM Shard Cache – You need a few ways to try and keep your opponents shards down.

Abundance of Quintessence – You always need some gain.

Restock/Rune Stones – Ideally you don’t want to play these as the more cards you draw the faster you deck out but needs must.

Chromatic Flare/Deadly Spores – Sometimes you don’t have any creatures to attack into so you need ways to Erase Hissano yourself.

Occultist’s Stang – Can reveal Otrix’s Conjuring if you need one.

Curdle Promo Locations – If you can land these after the final Hissano it’s a possible Win-Con otherwise it’s trade fodder.

Luxmorn Market – Purely to remove a couple of extra cards for your opponents deck.

This deck wasn’t designed to win, its main aim was to force draws but in testing it’s actually won a fairly decent amount of games. You can get unlucky and lose all your recursion cards early but that’s just how the cards work sometimes.

Hopefully one day we get better ways of finding Characters as being able to play Occultist Shaman in this deck would be amazing but may be a bit too good. Enjoy the deck and please let me know how many friends you lose.

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