Introducing the Achroma Tools Booster Generator

If like me you enjoy draft/cube or you just want to see what it might be like to open an Achroma Booster you can check out our new page

These boosters are THEORETICAL there are currently no plans from Realm Runner Studios that we know of to make boosters so I gave these my best guess at what a good booster split would look like for both a healthy limited format and good feel to open.

Each pack contains the following :-

  • 8 Commons
  • 3 Uncommons (5% chance that the 3rd uncommon is upgraded to a random alt art)
  • 1 Rare (30% chance that this is upgraded to a legendary)

This means that yes a pack can have multiple rares or legendries. You can also choose what type of pack you would like from the following options.

  • Chapter 1 (All of Chapter 1 including RotRR) – This can certainly lead to some interesting cross realm drafting
  • One Chapter 1 Realm of your choice either with or without RotRR.

Regardless of which you pick they all contain the alt arts for the chosen realm(s).

Hopefully you find this fun and personally I look forward to using it to do some interesting draft/cube gameplay.