Hex Clunker visits the Cove

Not long ago Hex Clunker wasn’t a great deck but with the RotRR expansion Hex Clunker got a lot of upgrades – Cintimani Stone, Hex Clunker Parts, Achrom Converter and more elevated this into a top tier deck and before Rayders was considered to be the “Unbeatable deck” in the format that needed a nerf.

My previous Hex Clunker build which you can see in the image below had a lot more objects before Curdle Cove still works well but I think it had a bit too much control (though this isn’t a bad thing for multiplayer games)

This build was very fun and consistent to the point that some people refused to play if I was bringing clunker to the table and while it was strong in multiplayer I felt it could be improved in 1v1

Curdle Cove

The release of Curdle Cove meant a few changes for clunker, we were seeing some cool new cards with DIVERT that could help protect clunker but at the same time the threat of Tempest was real, before you could have Clunker and put objects on another location leaving your opponent with the tough choice of which to take. Now they can just play Tempest to take them all.

So what does Hex Clunker do about this? We change the deck style, we can’t afford to run Tempest as it messes with Isaz and our consistency so instead we add some alternate win cons. We are already running a lot of good cards with both Achrom and Chroma so lets do something with them instead

All of these cards are cards we want to play, Muon Trap to take their stuff, Warlock and Dog to play stone onto and get steal down and the promo is just a good location so why not lean into this a bit more? We can add two Road to Ludlams switch one of the Curdle Hill promos for a Curdle Cove promo and then add two Arabella’s Recipe and all of a sudden we’ve got massive steal protentional for both Chroma and Achrom wins without Clunker. That’s not to say Clunker isn’t a key part of the deck but it’s not as essential for the deck to play, so lets finally take a look at the deck.

Hex Clunker – The core of the deck, getting you free objects each turn from your Palette or Dregs is very strong allowing you so much choice depending on the current board state.

Isaz/Kaunan – These cards basically read “Find Hex Clunker and play it for free” giving you a very high chance of finding Clunker in most games, they also give you the added bonus of playing Clunker for effectively 2 shards.

Cintimani Stone – Clunker is going to be a prime target for removal, use this to get it back and use Hex Clunker Engineer to keep getting it back

Achrom Converter – Unless you’re against the purest of Achrom Decks (looking at you Pixies) this card is nearly always going to removing a card every single turn.

Alchemist’s Tincture – This card is so good for this deck, it gives you additional ways to get objects where Clunker can’t but can also be used in reaction to take cards away from your opponent. There’s a good chance your first objects you take with Clunker are parts and converter leaving you with just Corrupted Muon Traps and Cintimani stone in your deck, both of these can be great to surprise play during your opponents turn.
Note : Don’t forget the way REACTION with Deploys, if your opponent plays a card giving you a reaction and you would deploy a new card that card is not deployed until the opponents deploy is finished. Let’s say your opponent plays Otrix, Siren Returned and you DISPOSE Tincture in response revealing Corrupted Muon Trap, Otrix would deploy first and then you can immediately place the Muon Trap on her stopping your opponent from being able to use her ability or resolve her at all

Corrupted Muon Trap – Taking an opponent’s key character is always good, and helps you control the game until you can take the win, you can also attack into a card with the trap let the trap get erased and return it with clunker.

Hex Clunker Parts – Getting an extra +3 resolve for free is great, especially on turn 1 best of all even if you draw it it’s still free to play.

Rabid Dog – Solid steal one and poisonous to remove anything you can’t or don’t want to trap.

Occultist Warlock – Another solid cheap 1 steal

Hex Clunker Engineer – Helps you keep clunker around thanks to being able to dig the stone

Hostile Takeover – Mainly to counter your opponent claiming Clunker but can also be used to take good locations in other matchups

Restock – Drawing more cards means more chance of finding a rune or Clunker

Abundance of Quintessence – Some quick gain for when it’s needed though I’ve been considering cutting this for a Rune Stones

Arabella’s Recipe – With so many Achrom/Chroma mixed cards this card can massively burst for Achrom victories or just quick gain

Road to Ludlam – Another low cost 1 steal Achrom/Chroma mixed card.

Promos – If you don’t have Curdle Hill you can run two Coves it’s just nice to have one of each in case you want to play both of them.

Smugglers Way – This is here to protect Clunker and your Locations with objects on them. Unless you are desperate this should never be loaded up with Achrom Converted or Parts, it’s there for them to destroy or take.

That’s it for a look into the new style of Hex Clunker, I think this deck will get better when people start playing Salum Planum less as Tempest/Hostile Takeover are it’s enemies but it’s still very strong getting with other Hex Clunker builds coming second at both The Grand Tournament and Hidden Gem Tournament it’s easy to see why once you give these decks a go yourself.