Achroma at MCM and the Achroma Showcase

Yesterday I was invited to MCM Comic Con to see the Achroma Stand and the latest Achroma Product that launched there as well as having a video interview recorded of my opinions on the game. This was all part of the newly formed Achroma Guild, a select group of Community Members and Content Creators from across the country and I look forward to seeing what the future of the Guild holds.

First up the new product launched was the Deluxe Realm Box, available for all Chapter 1 Sets it’s the perfect thing to get if you want to fully jump into a particular realm.

  • The Realm Runner Guide – A beautiful book on the lore of Achroma with character profiles, short stories and also a collection tracker. (This book covers all realms not just your chosen one)
  • Every Chapter 1 box for that Realm including the Rise of Realm Runner Expansion (each faction box also still has a 50% chance to contain an alt art too!)
  • A code for Achroma Legends for the RPG rules online
  • A Haim Shard Cache for a few shards in the app (and also a great card to play)
  • A playmat that matches the realm you are in.

All of that for £150 (or £135 with code AchromaTools) to buy it all separately would cost you £168 so a pretty good saving. What you see in those photos is exactly what you get for the retail version other than the signatures, those were an exclusive for the Guild members however you could get yours signed at AchromaCon – more on that later.

The Achroma Stand looked great, and every time I passed by was packed (this photo was taken before the show started). The team did a great job on this, it was really eye catching and I saw so many people browsing the folders to admire the artwork. I got a spin on the wheel and got a Spirata Fall so was very happy with that.

After seeing the stand and collecting my box I got to meet some of the other Guild members for the first time which was great getting to know them as well as connect with some familiar faces. We played a few games however due to signal in the EXCEL they were mainly offline which was a shame. I also got to explore Comic Con, this was my first Comic Con that wasn’t local and it was amazing, so much cool stuff and I nabbed myself a copy of Chu Chu Rocket for the GBA too so looking forward to playing that again. A little later I had some camera time with Charlie and Ben, chatting about my opinions of the game, how it stands out from others and also what I think could be improved, I look forward to seeing what they do with those clips and I hope to be back again next time.

I’ll also be having a short call with Jack Constantine soon so if you have any questions you want to ask him please let me know on discord.

Now onto the Achroma Showcase, on Thursday 30th November you’ll be able to join the event in-person at a TBA location in Soho, London or remotely on Youtube. However you join, it’s sure to be an amazing event with product announcements, reveals, interesting panels, cool cosplays, card and product signings and much, much more. This is the second Achroma Showcase and the first one was an incredible experience, so if you can make it in person I would recommend doing so you won’t be disappointed. Tickets will go live at soon and spaces are very limited so be sure to be quick. I’ll be attending so I hope to see you there!

That’s it for today, remember if you want to support the site and get 10% off on the Achroma Store use code AchromaTools at checkout and I hope to meet some of you at the showcase next month.

Disclaimer : Our Travel and Ticket were paid for by Realm Runner Studios and the signed Deluxe Realm Box was gifted to us.