Achroma Boosters and Mystery Bag

Achroma Boosters are here! I am very glad to see these coming to Achroma as they open up some awesome possibilities for future events. First up it makes really good prize and participation support for game shops, I’m hoping we see Five Realms using a similar method to Pokémon for how they run Achroma Thursdays in the future as well as other game stores. The other really fun they add is booster drafting. Draft is one of my favourite formats and something I very much miss from my Magic days, I am looking forward to doing an Achroma Draft hopefully very soon and Achroma finally has a pocket money purchase, something is had needed for a while now. Getting Mum and Dad to buy you a £5 booster is much easier than a £20+ box. It will probably also make it easier to sell to stores.

So what does a booster contain? It’s a bit different from what I came up with for my booster generator but not far off.

Each Achroma 10 card Booster Pack will contain:

  • 5 Common cards
  • 4 Uncommon cards
  • 1 Rare or Legendary card
  • Possibility to find an Alternate Art card

The cost of a booster is £5 (or £4.50 with discount code “AchromaTools”) so pretty reasonable value and a good way to help the secondary market of Achroma come to life too, people will now be more open to trading and selling spare cards now there is the possibility of opening them in boosters.

I certainly had a lot of questions about this product and I’m sure you will too so I asked Troy of the Achroma Core Team some questions on the booster packs to hopefully answer most of your questions.

Q : So we know the packs will contain 10 cards (5 Commons, 4 Uncommon and 1 Rare or Legendary card with the chance of getting an Alt Art) are all the cards from the same realm or can you get a complete mix of realms in your pack?
A: Within each 10 card booster pack there will be a mixture of Chapter 1 cards from all realms including expansion cards. It will be completely random how much of each realm you get in each pack and you are not guaranteed to get cards from all realms in any one pack although this will be possible and not rare.

Q : Can the Shard Cards, Rise of the Realm Runner Cards or any other non CH01- Cards be found in these packs?
A: Shard cards and promo cards will not be found in our booster packs, this is due to the exclusivity of the promo cards and to stay in line with our original structure we intended for the booster packs. Rise of the Realm Runner expansion cards will indeed be found in Achroma boosters however only in unlimited edition. There will only be unlimited edition cards in our booster packs.

Q : What are the chances of finding a Legendary or Alt Art card? Where does the Alt card go? Does it replace the slot of the card? (e.g. Alt Fungaur replacing a uncommon card?)
A: You will be guaranteed at least a rare in every pack with a small chance for this to be replaced by a legendary card. Your chance to find an alt-art will vary with rarity; common alt arts will be easier to find than legendary alt arts. Alt-art cards will replace the corresponding card slot depending on rarity.

Q : Are all cards of equal rarity just as likely to be opened? E.g. I’m just as likely to open a Full Palette as I am an Excess Paint Pots?
A: Yes all cards of equal rarity will have the same chance of being opened with the exception of alternate art cards.

Q : What made you decide to do a full chapter booster as opposed to realmed(e.g. Spirata only) boosters?
A: Realm-based boosters are still an idea to consider in the future however we wanted to appeal to all the realms in one big release. This way it provides more diversity from pack to pack and more options for great pulls!

Q : With the addition of Booster Packs do we have some official rules for a draft format or is that something you are looking to work on with the community?
A: Due to this being a limited first release partially to test the community reaction to boosters we currently have no plans for an official draft format. This is definitely something that can be looked into and of course we will work with the community to establish something that everyone can enjoy. I think booster drafts would be a great thing for Achroma Thursdays at 5 Realms gaming lounge. One other thing to note is that the boosters are releasing in a very limited quantity so opportunities for draft events may struggle to come up.

Q : You mentioned this is a limited run, how limited are the current boosters?
A: There will be 500 packs total

Q : Booster packs have been a bit contentious within the community, what were the challenges around making sure booster packs worked well for Achroma?
A: This is something that is still partially waiting to be answered, a limited release will give us an opportunity to observe the pros and cons of booster packs and find out what could be improved. One challenge I would say is making sure that people get the best value for their money, and including all realms within the same set is our way of providing another access point for deck building. Boosters will be a great way to polish up your collection and provide a new avenue to unlocking cards you are searching for.

Q : Previously it was said that boosters would always been an extra way to collect cards not taking away from palette boxes, to put people’s minds at ease is that still the plan?
A: We never want to stray away from the palette boxes as we love the current format Achroma has. Palette boxes will remain appealing to all players who wish to get all cards at once guaranteed whereas boosters will appeal to collectors and deck-builders alike. Boosters will always be just another way to collect Achroma and not a product to outshine palette boxes.

Thank you to Troy for answering those questions, I hope I’ve managed to answer many of the questions people will have about these new products. I know that last question was the key one, it’s important to many players that the current system of Palette boxes never leaves and it’s clear that the team have no intentions of changing this. I will certainly be looking at trying to do a draft with these boosters and look forward to seeing how they evolve in the future.

I will be picking up my own packs to review and give feedback on soon so be sure to check that out.

You can order your booster packs here ( and don’t forget to use promo code “AchromaTools” for 10% off at checkout.

We also saw the release of the Achroma Mystery Bag which looks to be an interesting product. For £25 (or £22.50 with discount code “AchromaTools” you are guaranteed to get one random Unlimited Faction Palette and one Unlimited Rise of the Realm Runner Expansion Box which already represents a £40 value but you also get some extra goodies.

Each bag can also contain the following

  • Alternate Art Cards
  • Badges
  • Palette Pouches
  • Posters
  • Newspapers
  • Postcards
  • Old Promo Cards
  • Shard Cards
  • Scrolls
  • Booklets
  • Achroma 10-Card Booster Packs

Products vary per bag, each bag has a total value of £50.
Note : Image is a mock-up

It will be interesting to see what products could be in the bag, the test bag we saw contained the following :-

  • A Chroma Squadron Palette
  • A Hod Palette (Note we have been told that the two boxes are not necessarily the same realm)
  • A Fallen Stone Pixies Pouch
  • A Mirror Sanctum poster from the Draco Temple Collectors Box
  • A Newspaper from the Curdle Hill Collectors Box
  • 3 Pin Badges (The old style, not the new style for the Kickstarter)
  • A Conjuring at Curdle Cove Promo
  • A Warriors of Wishwell Promo
  • A Salum Spring Promo
  • A Draco Summer Promo
  • A Pouch of Shards Card
  • 2 Postcards from Curdle Cove

So a good mix of items and I’d be pretty happy at £25 for all of that. It’s a great item for both new and existing players, the product is limited to one per order and we are told that currently only 50 are being made so be sure to get your order in soon if you want one. You can order it here ( and don’t forget to use discount code “AchromaTools” for 10% off and to support the site.